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Zippora Seven

Zippora Seven is a Auckland, New Zealand native who was born on September 12, 1991. Her birth name is Zippora Vermillion Rose Seven, and she is affectionately called Zippy by those who know her. Zippora’s brother Jasper, who is three years older than Zippora, is also a model. Zippora is currently signed with modeling agency IMG Models. (1) Zippora’s mother was a caster at Red Eleven, one of the premier modeling agencies in Auckland, and a manager at Red Eleven identified her as having modeling ability and she began her career with them.

Zippora Seven, like model Kate Moss, is considered on the short side for a model. Zippora is five foot six inches, while Kate Moss is five foot seven inches. The average height for a fashion model is five foot nine inches to six foot, and due to her height Zippora has done more contemporary fashion shoots than catwalks for couture fashion houses. Zippora has blue eyes and measurements of thirty-four inch bust, twenty-four inch waist, and thirty-four inch hips and wears a size two dress. Because of her height, Zippora has been limited in her catwalk fashion career but has become quite popular as a contemporary fashion model. Like many models, Zappora spent time in Japan during her early modeling career where many models find lots of work as they learn their trade.

Zippora started her early career as a fashion model, with an extensive layout of Zippora and her fellow sixteen-year-old, male model Levi Clarke in Russh Magazine (2), an Australian publication known for fashion, beauty, music, and art pictorials and articles. After seeing this initial modeling foray of her, Zippora’s mother stated that she was “thrilled” with the move of her daughter into fashion modeling. Besides working at Red Eleven, her mother Ursuala Dixon is a World of Wearable Arts winner, which showcases one-of-a-kind garments that are highly sculptural in form.

Since these early years, she has continued modeling, and like so many models in the contemporary market is branching out by creating products, which extend her brand and allow her to enlarge her creative endeavors. Terence Connors, her current boyfriend, shot a day-in-the-life-of-Zippora, with the four-minute film depicting, at various times, Zippora Seven waking up, her fashion choices, having morning tea, climbing a tree, and then going to the beach where she rides a surfboard in a red summery dress.

They have also recently collaborated on a book entitled The Adventure Handbook, which “is an independent collective of storytellers from Australia.”(3) The stories in the book take the reader on a visual and word journey across deserts and water and from Washington State to Morroco. Exuberant and colorful, the book reflects the international flavor or Zippora’s interests developed over her modeling career.

Derek Henderson, who is one of the premier Australian photographers, has also developed a book featuring Zippora Seven (4) which is entitled Darkness of Noon (5). It is a collaboration between photographer Henderson and illustrator Kelly Thompson, who present images in their chosen formats photographs and illustrations of the model.

As a model, Zippora has created fashion shoots for DKNY, Urban Outfitters and Chlore, Vogue Italia and Vogue Australia.


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