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Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira is an American actress, model, and singer, born July 8th, 1992 in Venice Beach, California. She was raised largely by her grandmother, who had the distinction of being Michael Jackson’s personal hairstylist. “She went everywhere with him, so I was always around him and his kids,” Ferreira tells the Guardian. “I had birthdays there, I sang gospel music for him – he was kind of my mentor, so he influenced me, but more as a friend than as Michael Jackson, the pop star.”

Of her mixed descent, she tells MTV “My dad is Brazilian and Portuguese and my mom is Native American. It's funny because I came out looking like, pretty white”.


As a teenager, Sky Ferreira posted original videos of her singing and songwriting to social network Myspace, which she credits with her discovery. Shortly before her 15th birthday, she wrote to music producers and asked that they offer her a recording contract, something that happened “kind of right off the bat” because of the complete profile she presented online, along with the mass of fans she had already assembled

Ferreira started modelling professionally in 2010 after starring in an independent film and appearing in magazines Dazed & Confused and Interview. The lead single “Obsession”, from her debut studio album, charted at number 37 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club chart. “I have this reputation from 'insiders' for being difficult, but people only considered me difficult because I wouldn't just agree with everything they said. Like, 50-year-old men telling me how to be a woman! Seriously, I used to get nagged about combing my hair. They would tell me I needed more makeup and that I had circles around my eyes. I've had that since elementary school – I used to get called zombie”.

She was also featured in a Calvin Klein “CK One” campaign around this time. The next year she was photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for the cover of Vs, and appeared in an Adidas campaign alongside rappers Snoop Dogg and Big Sean. She’s also fronted campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent, and done covers for Wonderland and VS.

Arrest and Controversy Sky Ferreira and boyfriend DIIV front man Zachary Cole Smith, were arrested for drug possession in Saugerties, New York, at a traffic stop. Ferreira was in possession of ecstasy tablets at the time, and was also charged with resisting arrest. Smith was booked for possession of Heroin, and Ferreira denies being involved with hard drugs. “I’ve never done hard drugs. I am the world's first heroin addict who's never taken heroin.” Ferreira posted the $1500 bail with her American Express card.

Mom learned of her arrest from CNN because Ferreira hadn’t worked out exactly how to break the news to her, while dad flew to New York. She also managed to kick up a bit more controversy by appearing topless on the cover of her debut album “Night Time, My Time”. She defends the photo, ”…there's nothing about that photo that's pornographic; we came on this earth nude.“

Good Works Sky Ferreira is an advocate for “Transcendental Meditation” and in July 2014 she performed at a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York City. The funds raised intended to “go towards Transcendental Meditation (TM) programs for at-risk students; veterans with PTSD; women who are survivors of domestic violence; American Indians suffering from diabetes; the homeless and incarcerate.”


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