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Samantha Gradoville

Samantha Gradoville is an American model, born January 1st, 1990 in Omaha, Nebraska. She relocated to New York City to support her career, and has been involved with noteworthy campaigns with both the French and Italian versions of Vogue Magazine, La Perla, Emporio Armani, and Calvin Klein Underwear, and has advertised for various brands including Gas Jeans, Vilshenko, and many more.


Samantha made her debut with Haute Coture in the spring of 2009 where she walked the runway for Christophe Josse and Zuhair Murad. Her celebrity profile began to rise the next year when she opened and closed the fall 2010 Prada collection in Milan. A week later she appeared at the Miu Miu show in Paris, and became one of the most talked about faces of the season. Before the responsibilities of modeling professionally, Samantha would play a lot of sports, volleyball, baseball, swimming, and track among them.

To stay in shape now she prefers to control her diet, but enjoys the occasional long walk or hike. Samantha likes to burn off the excess energy during the day running between castings, and sleeping well at night. A vegetarian, Samantha eschews most fast food with the exception of Jamba Juice and Taco Bell.

During an interview with FashionTV in 2012, Gradoville spoke about the difficulties of fashion week, “Some people do treat you like a mannequin, like a piece of plastic just there for the clothes but we also get treated very well…It’s a hard job, it really is: We don’t get to sleep, we just eat sandwiches all day, it’s not the most luxurious, glamorous thing during fashion week but there are those people that understand.”

Gradoville has been cast multiple times for Calvin Klein, photographed by Maion Sorrenti and Steven Meisel. She’s also been cast for fashion campaigns with Roberto Cavalli, D & G, and Emporio Armani.

Friends and Family When dealing with the sometimes difficult and forceful personalities in the fashion world, Samantha goes back to her Nebraska roots, and follows the advice of her mother, to “kill them with kindness”. She tells New York Mag “the support of my mom is my one constant”.

In school, Samantha was said to be a good student, a perfectionist who enjoyed reading books and always went for the perfect test score. As a child, she was known to be reserved and shy, and chose modeling as a way to break out of that shell. Friends are important, and the Boggle champ will be spotted vintage shopping with other model pals, or taking in dinner and a play. During her free time Samantha continues to pursue her education.

Growing up, she was exposed to artists like the Rolling Stones and The Beatles by her father, and her favorite music includes many of the Oldies, alongside more modern rock and alternative artists like Blink 182. The most expensive item in her closet are shoes, and she maintains a large collection.


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