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Natalia Siodmiak

Natalia Siodmiak was born in 1989 about 26 years ago. She finished high school and then left to work in Tokyo where she stayed for almost four years. After Japan, Natalia moved to Paris but could not work for the first years because of health problems. Her life turned a new leaf when began her career after signing with IMG Worldwide.

Natalia Siodmiak is a unique model who possesses the rarest combination of quirkiness, off-kilter beauty, as well as a smouldering sensuality that sends casting directors, designers and model aficionados into a spin. The 177 cm angelic blonde with characteristics of pale baby blues and an irresistible gap-toothed grin is not a newcomer in the modelling industry, having first appeared on the modelling scene in 2006. She appeared in editorials for Polish Elle, Marie Claire and Jalouse.

Siodmiak discreetly floated under modelling radar while extensively modelling in Japan and Europe. She received a lot of fame after her appearance at Givenchy during the Fall/Winter 2013 collections. Fast-forward to the recent event at the Spring/Summer 2014 collections. What happened is that the 25 year old Siodmiak is the new model earning accolades for her womanly allure appearances at Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Giles, Versace, Christopher Kane, Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, and Chanel.

A look at Siodmiak's breath-taking run-way, evokes an appealing sense of an individual whose path to success has been surrounded by a breadth of industry and life experience. Her stunning versatility appearance on the runway shows her innocence, sensual bombshell, to that of a fully evolved woman who possesses relatability both on and off the runway.

Siodmiak's sophisticated beauty is in line with her current prediction of fashion towards models with the beauty, personality, and the knowledge of the industry to truly embody a design house's high fashion aesthetic. Soon it would appear that as fashion returns to its full circle to models with star quality, individuality, and a powerful runway presence, Siodmiak would be featuring in an epic Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. She will also feature in an editorial season that has been a famous for a long time.

Natalia has modelled for various agencies including IMG in New York, Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona, Brussels and Copenhagen.


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