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Nadine Leopold

Nadine Leopold was born in on 7th January 1994 in Carinthia, Austria. She is an Austrian fashion model who lived in Berlin before moving to New York. Nadine was discovered on the streets by a scout from Tempo Modelling agency at a tender age of 16 years where she began her modelling career. Nadine is now signed to nine agencies all across the world– including the world's largest agencies such as IMG, H&M, Garnier, Mango and Vero Moda. She is currently modelling for Victoria's Secret.

During her debut at the Austrian Victoria's Secret model, she began dating One Direction star Harry Styles back in 2014. The public got the news about her relationship with Harry Styles after the two were spotted together in New York in December 2014. She is said to have earned over 11,000 Twitter followers by December 2014 following her appearance at the Victoria's Secret Model event.

Rather than IMG models, Nadine has also modelled for various agencies such as Tempo Models, Modelwerk, Ice Model Management (Cape Town) and UNO Models (Barcelona & Madrid). She has also featured in adverts such as the Alpha by Massimo Rebecchi, H&M and Ö3 among others. Nadine has featured on several magazine covers such as the Austria “Maxima” (April 2011), “Die Presse Schaufenster” (April 2012), “Madonna” (8th September 2012), Germany's “Maxi” (February 2013), Italy's “Grazia” (February 2013), and Serbia's “Grazia” (March 2013).

Well, many have described her style as simple, rock and a little edgy. She is known to like Kings of Leon. Cool. Nadine has been described as one of the famous models who have the best skin ever seen and incredible FRECKLES. On her wrist, she's got a teeny tiny heart tattoo of her brother's birthday. She is totally down with the peace-sign pose. She has also travelled all around the world modelling.


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