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Kinee Diouf was born in Senegal in 1986. In the fashion world, Kinee is famed for her two beautiful features: her stunning legs and her beautiful skin. Kinee debuted in 2006 when she signed up with Nathalie Paris, she appeared in Vivienne Westwood and Givenchy fall shows in March.

Kinee has worked with models like IMG Models London, IMG Models Paris, IMG Models New York, View Management Spain, Viva Models (Berlin), and D’ Management Group. She has appeared on magazine covers like French Revue De Modes in September 2007 and March 2007, Arise in April 2010, L’ Edito in July 2010 and Vogue Netherlands in July 2013.

The Senegalese supermodel is one of those models who have managed to stay under the industry’s radar with her ad campaigns and her super attention grabbing editorials for various magazines.

Kinee has been active in tons of charitable activities as well. Her nonprofit organization, Kinee Diouf Foundation for African Children, is directed to help orphans with food, clothing, healthcare, and education. Kinee gets inspiration for her work from different types of art, inclusive of fashion. And she also likes to browse through various types of designs. She also loves travelling around the world as a model because that helps her meet different people and to connect with different cultures. According to the young model, it ‘enriches’ the way of thinking for a person.

Kinee had a peculiar experience shooting with animals as well. The Vogue Shoot was one of them, where she had to pose amidst dozens of camels and she admitted to being very scared of them.

Model Profile

Bust: 33.5/ 85 cm Waist: 23.5/ 60 cm Hips: 34/ 86 cm Height: 5 ft 9.5 inches/ 176.5 cm Hair color: brown Eye Color: black Shoe: 8.5 Dress: 4


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