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Kelsey Close

Kelsey Close signed up with IMG at the age of 14 in 2005. That year, she had to fly all the way to New York to perform at Shine.

Close participated in the New York Fashion Week, which was her first major gig, and since then she started calling this biggest fashion event in the industry as ‘New York Fashion Month’. To her, after the first week, she got on the plane and repeated the ordeal in London, Paris and Milan.

To Close, there is a lot more to being a super model than just walking the runway at Fashion Weeks around the world. Kelsey has modeled for magazines like Austrailia’s Vangardist, Marie Claire and British Elle. The young beauty has also been featured in ads for L’ Oreal Paris, Calvin Klein and Converse. It was at the Calvin Klein shoot that she found her favorite moment in her career.


Kelsey Close graduated from Dimond in Anchorage, Alaska. After her freshman year, Kelsey was balancing the modeling school work and the debate team. When she was 13, Kelsey’s mother signed her up for etiquette classes and Laura Model and Talent agency. In an interview, Kelsey revealed that she never really wanted to be a model and did not think she would make it. But she has, and Close is currently living in New York and works with Major.

Though the young talent seems incredibly serious about her modeling ambitions, she claims that more than often she gets home sick. At school, her teachers remember her tearing down other debate teams with her quick intellect and towering stature over other 14 year olds.

Model Profile

Bust: 33 Waist: 24 Hips: 35 Height: 5 ft 10 inches/ 178 cm Hair color: dark blonde Eye Color: Blue Shoe: 9.5


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