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Katie Fogarty Bio

Born and brought up in Missouri, Katie Fogarty is popular for her broad smile and cute lips. She made her debut in the fashion modeling world after tripping on stage during the September 2008 Prada show. But given the number of campaigns, shows and editorials she has completed, it is crystal clear that her career in the fashion world is solidly footed. Katie is still a teenager (she sometimes complete her homework from the backstage in fashion shows), but it is her high self-confidence and adult like poise that have helped her rise above her much-publicized stumble. She is one of the models who Forbes says, “Demonstrates great ability to work well under pressure.” Fogarty will simply not let anything phase her. Among her methods of coping with stress, she says that cooking dinner works the best – she likes chopping foods – but if she is on the road and busy, she sample whatever weird and new cuisines the world has to offer. Her smile and lips command a lot of attention, and so do her flawless complexion. So, how does Fogarty love to dress like when she is the one calling the shots? In an interview with Vogue America, she said, “Easy, simple, chic … with a slight edge.” Batman is her favorite crime fighter, and she says she loves him because of his awesome cape. The initial stages of fashion modeling can frequently give more lows than anticipated; it is precisely what Fogarty experienced. She nearly cried on a high profile Prada catwalk during her first month on the job. Since then, her good luck unveiled, and she has won contracts with D&G, Balenciaga,,, and magazines editorial from Dazed & Confused, Teen, Vogue Wonderland, and V Magazine. Katie is currently being represented by New York’s Next Management and Why Not. One can honestly say that Katie has risen from her famous downfall. She says that she gained a lot from her it, confessing that now she recites a string of Hail Mary’s prior to walking on a catwalk. Without further tumbles, the fashion gods have surely been on her corner. She credits luck and timing as instrumental in realizing her fashion career. Timing arose from Barbie, who was still famous when she was being brought up. Luck in her career arose when she was out shopping in St. Louis, and she was spotted by a talent agent. She was then rapidly signed by the New York-based Next Management in the same year. During then, Fogarty was signed by Why Not (Milan-based) and later made a splash as a component of Prada’s summer 2009 showcase.


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