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Jiyeon Lee

Jiyeon Lee is a professional fashion model. she was born November 20, in South Korea in 1984. She is on the more petite side for model height, at 5' 7.5“ with black hair and brown eyes.

She is represented by MGB Entertainment.

In December 2011, she was featured in an editorial in Singles, titled Snowy Fairytale. The editorial was photographed by Kim Younguin and the fashion editor was Eun Ji Jung.

She has appeared in two movies– Futureless Things by Yigeotyi Wooriui Ggeutyida in 2014 (her character was box woman), and The Legacy by Ibbeun Geotdeuli Doeeora in 2014 (her character was Jin-Kyung).

She has appeared on many South Korean shows and made for TV movies on channels including KBS2, tvN, NHK and SBS.

She is frequently confused with another model of the same name, best known for being involved in an extensive blackmail scandal with GLAM's Dahee against actor Lee Byunghun. The two women are accused of attempting to extort large amounts of money from the actor (approximately five million dollars), by blackmailing him with information about a night they say he made lewd comments after a few drinks. Both women involved spent a year and two months in jail before being released.

Both Lee and her agency have spoken out publicly with distaste over the confusion. An official rep at MGB Management has said, ““There are several instances where blogs and media articles have used the photos of the actress under our management, Lee Ji Yeon, and referring to her as one of the blackmailers of Lee Byung Hun, when she is just a person with the same name. Our actress Lee Ji Yeon has no connections to this case whatsoever. She is currently preparing for her next project as a rookie actress. Please help us prevent any further misunderstandings.”

She has been referred to as the next Jun Ji Hyun in the modeling world by industry peers and fans.

Jiyeon continues to make a name for herself both in the acting and modeling worlds. She has been quoted, “I want to try various roles with a sturdy acting talent”.

In early 2015, she was featured in a shoot for bnt international. In the shoot, she showcased products from brands Naingirl, Stylenanda, Andersson Bell and LeShop.


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