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Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is a fashion model from Sweden. Born in Sweden on november 11th 1988 she was self driven at a very young age to start her modeling career. When she was 13 years old she began sending out pictures of herself to various modeling agencies eventually landing one when she was 14 years old. At that time she did little work, most notably working with guess. She decided to give it up as she decided to focus on her studies which she deemed more important. She played basketball in high school and was very good leading her to pursue a career in the Swedish Woman’s Basketball League. She eventually gave up playing basketball after two years at the professional level to once again pursue her dream of becoming a model. She was later quoted as saying “the level of play in Sweden was not nearly what it is in the WNBA”. She moved to New York City once she decided to again become a model where she picked up work quickly. She was working as model for Victoria Secret in 2011 at the time most noticeably becoming the voice of their sub brand pink. In 2014 she was officially named a Victoria Secret Angel. voted her into the top 15 “sexiest models” in 2014. She also does work for a charity called “FAIR girls” which helps girls who are victims to sex trafficking world wide. Her cousin Alice Herbst is also a model, winning the popular T.V. show Sweden’s Next Top Model in 2012. Aside from her earlier work with Guess and her current work as a Victoria Secret Angel she has also worked with brands and designers such as Dior, Ungaro, H&M, Dolce & Gabbana and Lilly Pulitzer. She is 5ft 10in tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her shoe size is size 8.5. Across the globe she is represented by IMG in New York City, IMG in Paris, IMG in London, View Management in Barcelona, Iconic Management in Hamburg and Mikas in Stockholm. Mikas is also her mother agency. She has been called “down to earth” many times as reporters mention her disposition in regard to the job and role she finds herself in. This reflects in many of her interviews. When speaking on the ups and downs of the industry she said “I mean, it's pretty amazing - but there are bad things about every job I guess,” she said thoughtfully. “There's a lot of travel, which means being alone in hotel rooms, but in exchange for the job we do, it's nothing to complain about. Being here in London is so exciting - we're all together in the hotel, we flew here together - so it feels really different from New York. It's like being back at school, on a field trip! I just can't wait to get to Earl's Court.” This reputation has made her very desirable to work with. She has also attributed her time playing professional basketball as one of the main things that helped prepare her for the busy life of modeling. When speaking on how basketball and sports have helped her in her career she said “Just knowing how the body works and being athletic means it's easier to stay athletic while working a different job”.


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