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Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is Australian and was born on 29 March, 1964. During her successful career, she has worked as a model, an actress and a television host. She was originally born Eleanor Nancy Gow, however later after her parents broke up and her mother remarried, the school she was registering with made a mistake and changed her name to that of her stepfather.

Once finishing school her aim was to attend law school, so she enrolled to go to the University of Sydney to study it there. However as the fees to attend were very high, she decided to personally fund her studies by travelling to New York to secure some modelling work and earn some money. She ended up only studying law for a year.

It was in 1982 that her modelling career was established as she secured a TV commercial for a low calorie drink, at this time she was only 17. By 1986 she had already been on the cover of Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, GQ and Harper's Bazaar. She also featured on Sports illustrated swimwear issue 5 times, which broke a record. It was with Elle magazine that she become most well known from, as for 6 years straight she was in every single issue, and ended up marrying the creative director from the magazine. She also appeared in a nude photo shoot for Playboy magazine. For a while she was one of the worlds wealthiest models.

During her time as a model she has signed up with many modelling agencies including LA Models, New York Model Management, City Models in Paris and Storm Models in London.

As well as these jobs she has also started up several businesses along the lingerie and skin care products range. She also produced yearly calendars and a series of work out videos. Her lingerie line was called Elle Macpherson Intimates, this was one of the most successful of her business endeavours, as the line became the best selling lingerie in the UK and Australia, generating 40 million a year.

Her beauty line was named 'The Body', a nickname she had received from securing five covers of the swimwear magazine. From this, she has signed a 3 year contract, being the brand ambassador of Revlon cosmetics.

In 1994, Macpherson had two years of solid acting work. Appearing in many film and TV show roles. Her filmography includes titles such as Sirens, Alice, Batman and Robin and The Edge. In terms of TV shows, she appeared in 5 episodes of Friends as Joey's girlfriend.

One of Macpherson's biggest breakthroughs in TV was taking over from Lisa Snowdon on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model in 2010 as the host. She also works as the host for a competition show, Fashion Star, where budding designers compete to have their collections launched.

More recently, the model has used her success to promote charity work, being the ambassador for several different charities including RED, UNICEF and the Smile Foundation.

She currently lives in the UK, but also has a home in Florida which is where her husband is based. She has two sons named Flynn and Aurelius, who she had with a previous boyfriend, Arpad Busson.

The model can speak fluently in English and French, but also has a basic grasp of Italian and Spanish. She has light brown hair and blue eyes, a height of 183cm, a waist of 62cm and a bust of 92cm. She wears a dress size of 6 and size 9 shoes.


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