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Elena Perminova

Elena Perminova was born and raised in Siberia. She admits to have come from humble beginnings saying as much as they had to wear fake fur to stay warm. She has also been quoted as saying,“We didn't have a lot of money. We were a simple family.” At a young age she had some trouble with the law brought on by the persuasion of an older and seedy boyfriend eventually being arrested at the age of 16 for selling ecstasy at a Russian club. She was stanched to six years in jail. Confined to a tiny room with what she described as a room with a stinking toilette, no soup and small metal slab coming out of the wall to sleep on. During her incarceration her father partitioned a member of the Russian parliament to come to her aide. Not long after he did come to her aide. Alexander Lebedev had her released from prison and not soon after the two fell in love. After her release she was shown a life she had never seen before, a life of privilege all at the hands of Alexander Lebedev who she has referred to in the past as “her angle”. Alexander a former KGB agent made his way dealing in securities in the 1990’s after which he become an outspoken member of the Russian parliament calling for more transparency in the press. He later bought several news papers in London. She broke into the fashion world in 2008 and since has had a very devout following. She is self managed and is the face for many companies one of which is Channel. She is a pioneer in the sense that the majority of what she does is driven by social media. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts are her main part of publicity and have landed her spots in vogue magazine and many runways throughout the last several years. Working with designers such and Valentino and Channel she has made cut out her own independent model Niche in the industry. Also to be noted are her three children which she is exceptionally proud of. She recently made world wide headlines after having her third child via cesarian section and returning to her pre pregnancy figure in 60 days. When questioned about her ability to regain her body in such short timing she replied “i started slow, not working on my mid section but getting down on all fours and lifting one leg at a time. my doctor approved it because he said i was healing well and i felt well.” She stands tall at 5ft 10in and wears a size 9 shoe. She has naturally blonde hair and brown eyes. Born in 1985 she is now 28 years old. She has also been referred to as a “street style star” for her unconventional way of representing herself independently throughout the modeling world. While she certainly brings an amazing flair to every shoot and runway she graces she has also been quoted as saying “I’d rather collect books than clothes” and that her boys come first as she cares much more about being a dedicated mother than fashion icon. She also graduated from Moscow university with a degree in economics.


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