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Ekaterina Smarhun

Ekaterina Smarhun was born in Russia on october 28th. However she remains very elusive to the media so that actual year of her birth is unknown. She stands at 5’10 with a shoe size of 7.5. Her eyes are blue and her natural hair color is blonde. She models all around the world for many different agencies some of these include, IMG models in New York City and Milan, Iconic Management in Hamburg and the rest of Germany, D Models in Greece, Black models in Moscow and the rest of Russia and lastly Donna Models in Tokyo. While managing to keep a very large amount of information about herself under wraps a few things have been spotted around the internet. There are numerous reports that she may in fact be from Belarus and not the Russian Federation however there is no actual fact to back that up. Also her praises have been sung by many photographers who say she is an absolute delight to work with, as well as one of the most profound professionals that they have ever encountered making her somewhat of an enigma in the photo fashion world. This has been reported by people working for as well as several photographers working for the deceased designer Alexander McQueen. She continues to work hard gracing the pages of many of high fashions most prestigious magazines and runways while maintaining the image of an incredible professional as well as privilege to work with.


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