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Ehren Dorsey Bio

American model Ehren Dorsey was born November 13th 1992 in Saint Charles, Missouri. The fashion style in Saint Charles according to Ehren consists of the three types: American Eagle and Hollister type styles goth and punk, or the new hipster trend, though Ehren says that she does not fall into any of those categories. Growing up, Ehren’s parents were very religious and disapproved of anything remotely secular or sexual, making it even more difficult for Ehren to find her own style. Despite this, she was discovered by the agency Mother when a local photographer showed her picture to Jeff and Mary Clarke who work with the agency. Soon after that, Ehren’s career as a model took off. Today, her favorite hobbies include writing, reading and acting. She is currently known for her short blonde hair, blue eyes and her many body piercings. The current agency Ehren is working with is Next and she is still active in the fashion industry. Despite her success thus far, Ehren is still pursuing an education outside of the realms of fashion. She is currently working on her associate’s degree in anthropology while living in New York City.

This newcomer to the modeling world has taken everyone by storm. Her tomboyish look and attitude make her very appealing to designers who are looking for a unique face to model their apparel. This look has allowed Ehren to gain wide recognition and make appearances in several high profile publications and events. In 2011, she appeared in the fall issues of The Last Magazine, AnOther, and Vogues Hommes Japan. ABC’s Nightline did a special highlighting her life as a maid in her hometown before she became model and showcasing just how far this model has risen from her humble beginnings. In 2012 she signed a contract with Calvin Klein’s CK one cosmetics. Later that year in July Julia Noni photographed her for an editorial in the Russian Vogue. In 2013 she was a part of many editorials for fashion magazines such as Skate Couture, Mini Me, Fiasco Magazine and many more. Despite all of this recognition, Ehren has thus far been extremely silent as far as appearances in shows is concerned. The only runway she has walked on has been for Calvin Klein’s spring show for 2014. Lately the only work she has been in is editorials for Playing Fashion, ODDA Magazine and Flaunt. All of these have taken place in 2014, making Ehren Dorsey’s career a very new entrance into the modeling world that is still loaded with potential. Be on the lookout for her to make many more appearances in editorials, ad campaigns, and fashion shows in the years to come.


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