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Coco Rocha

Mikhaila Rocha, known by her stage name as Coco Rocha, is a controversial model because of her religious beliefs. She is Canadian, born in Toronto, Ontario. Her birthday is on September 10, 1988. She didn’t grow up in Toronto but in Richmond, British Columbia. Her distinct facial features and her dancer body are the results of Irish and Ukrainian descents.

Modeling Management

Coco Rocha’s modeling story begins in 2002. She was participating in an Irish dance competition when Charles Stuart noticed her and quickly approached her. That was the first time when Rocha thought of modeling and she accepted the offered opportunity. It was only in 2006 when she amazed with her presence at Christian Lacroix’s couture show in Paris. Various advertising campaigns had her as a representative, namely Versace, Chanel, D&G, the Gap, Yves Saint Laurent, and Tommy Hilfiger and so on. She appeared in every Vogue version and three of Harpers Bazaar’s versions. She was the face of Karl Lagerfeld’s limited editions of Coca Cola and Macy’s campaigns.


Coco Rocha’s career didn’t start abruptly. Four years passed since she was discovered and walked for a Christian Lacroix show in the capital of France. During the same year, she worked exclusively with photographer Steven Meisel and appeared in Italian Vogue. She walked during the New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week in 2007 and met Naomi Campbell who encouraged her to pursue her modeling career further. She starred on the cover of US Vogue along with other top models a few months later, the fact which attracted the attention of renowned fashion designers who wanted her to walk for them. Americana Manhasset, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, the Gap and Ports 1961 are just a few of them.

July 2010 marks the time when Coco Rocha appeared on a daily basis for 30 consecutive days wearing different outfits on the Vogue’s website. She collaborates with Coca Cola during the same year and the following one as well. One year later, she has her living picture taken by the Lytro Camera, making her the first high fashion model photographed in that way. Except some pictures taken in her early modeling days, Coco Rocha does not pose in lingerie, nude or in religious and political contexts. In addition, she doesn’t pose holding cigarettes. All these are due to her religious views as a Jehovah Witness.

Coco Rocha started in the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, as well as in America's Next Top Model. Her television appearances also include a reality show called the Face. Since 2010, she received various distinctions such as Marie Claire's Prix d’Excellence, the Elle Style award for Model of the Year and the prestigious Vienna Fashion Award as Style Icon.

Personal Life

Since June 9, 2010, Coco Rocha is married to artist James Conran, who is also her manager. After four years of marriage, the couple decided to have a child. Their daughter, Ioni James Conran was born on March 28; 2015.Rocha is a very religious person who puts her career second, after her belief.


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