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Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin

Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin is a West Indies French supermodel and actress who was born in Paris on December 27th, 1974. She is 5’10”. Her parents are from the Caribbean and she is known for her trademark Afro hairstyle. Although she has black parents, Chrystele was born with a fair complexion and blue eyes. Before becoming a model she was studying journalism and communication at the French Press Institute. In the mid 90’s, she was encouraged by a friend to attend an open casting held by the agency ‘City Models’ and was subsequently discovered and hired. Chrystele then went on to become one of the top models of the 90’s.

She has appeared in many high profile advertising campaigns including ‘Yves Saint Laurent’, ‘Benetton’, ‘Emanuel Ungaro’, ‘Givenchy’, ‘Hermès’, ‘Kenzo’, ‘Missoni’ and ‘Shiseido’. She has also appeared on the cover of many magazines, Vogue (Australia) July 1997, Vogue (France) October 1994, Vogue (Germany) February 1996, Elle (Japan) December 1997, Elle (US) July 1995, and Cosmopolitan (France) January 1999.

Chrystele has also paraded the runway for ‘Yves Saint Laurent’, ‘Givenchy’, ‘Christian Dior’, ‘Vivienne Westwood’, ‘Chanel’, ‘Kenzo’, ‘Emanuel Ungaro’ and ‘Jean Paul Gaultier ‘. In 1998 she modeled for ‘Victoria’s Secret’.

Chrystele has been represented by the agencies ‘Elite Model Management – Los Angeles’, ‘IMG Models – Paris’ and ‘City Models’.

As well as modeling, she is also very passionate about acting. She is well known for her role in a number of short films, these are Wonderland (2007), Falling Objects (2006) and Celebrity (1998).


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