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Christina Carey

Model and graphic designer, Christina Carey was born on December 9, 1994 in Australia. While working together with a fashion designer in Melbourne during 2007, she was discovered and convinced to begin her modeling career. At the age of 13, Carey was already attracted to the art of beautiful. It was in high school when she began to think about becoming a fashion designer.

Modeling Management

Christina Carey is five foot and ten inches tall, with excellent cheekbones and serene blue eyes. Often compared with sophisticated women from the ’40s, she signs with Ford Models in 2007, the same year when she begins modeling. She switches to another modeling agency just one year later. Elite Models brings her the cosmetics contract with Shiseido, a renowned Japanese company, as well as numerous fashion presentations.


Although Carey was thinking of becoming a fashion designer since she was a young girl, she did not refuse the offer to become a model. Since she was already passionate about photography and making art with the help of clothes, she did a phenomenal job at the spring Martin Grant show in Paris. She was only 13 years old when she opened for Issey Miyake. Her career continued to bloom, especially when the world got to see her expressive face on the cover of Paper, where photographer Jenny Lexander captured her indisputable beauty.

At the beginning of 2008, Christina Carey starts representing Love Sex Money. However, that collaboration does not last for long. A few months later she switches to Elite Models and becomes the face of the well-known Japanese cosmetics company named Shiseido. Meanwhile, she walks for different designers in both New York and Paris. She admits that Paris has a special meaning to her and that its heritage is nothing but impressive.

The beginning of 2009 brings her a shooting with photographer Tim Walker and later on, in August, another shooting with photographer Greg Lotus. Both these times she appears in Italian Vogue editorials. She also walks for a Canadian fashion designer and complete artist called Rad Tourane during one of his shows in New York. During the same year, she collaborates with photographer Nick Knight for Shiseido. The Ralph Lauren show from September 2009 is among her last modeling jobs.

2014 marks the year when Christina Carey becomes a graphic designer at Shillington College. She always wanted to do more than just pose for pictures, so she fulfilled her high school dream by attending professional design classes. She is already making posters and manages packaging, not to mention doing corporate reports for Cisco.

With a bright future ahead of her, Christina Carey is passionate about the philosophy of Dalai Lama, loves the way Ryan Gosling plays in various movies and looks up to Richard Avedon, who she calls the master of photography. Spending time with her family in her home country is the ultimate way of relaxation for her. She is a yoga practitioner who loves swimming.


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