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Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley was born on February 2, 1954, in Monroe, Michigan. She is a model, actress, and designer. Born in 1954 on February 2nd in Monroe, Michigan, Brinkley began her career as a model in the 80's.


At age 18, she was discovered by an American photographer. Having been in Paris to pursue an art education, Brinkley was hesitant to leave her education behind. She took the opportunity however and quickly landed numerous big-name modeling gigs. In the 1980's alone, she graced over 200 magazine covers. She also worked with companies like Cover Girl, being one of the brands most recognizable faces, and Chanel.

She appeared in three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers (1979, 1980 and 1981). She also appeared in the SI calendar, and later released her own calendars that garnered a lot of attention and sales.

Brinkley also attempted to break into television and movies. In 1983, she appeared in National Lampoon's Vacation as “The girl in the red Ferrari”. She also appeared in the movies sequel in 1997, Vegas Vacation. She also appeared in the sitcom Mad About You, hosted Celebrity Weddings In Style on Lifetime channel. More recently she has appeared on Parks and Recreation in 2012 (The “Ron and Diane” episode).

Brinkley also made it onto the stage in 2011 as Roxie Hart as part of the musical Chicago. She reprised this role again on Broadway, appearing in 182 total performances.

Marriage & Family

Brinkley's first marriage was to Jean-Francois Allaux, a man she met in Paris in 1973 and later divorced.

In 1985, Christie wed her then-boyfriend singer Billy Joel. The two were married for nine years (1984-1994) and had daughter Alexa Ray Joel in 1985. She also starred in Joel's music video Uptown Girl, in 1983.

In 1994, Brinkley married Richard Taubman, a real-estate developer in Telluride, Colorado. They announced at the wedding in front of their 150 guests, that they were expecting a baby boy. That boy was their son Jack Paris Brinkley, born on June 2nd, 1995. Their marriage ended soon afterward.

Christie later married Peter Cook in 1996 in Bridgehampton, New York. They had daughter Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook, born on July 2nd, 1998. Their marriage ended in 2008 after Peter had an affair with their 18-year-old neighbor.


Brinkley continues to model and represent the Cover Girl Cosmetics in today. She is also a spokesperson for fitness brand Total Gym - a line of fitness equipment and products. She is also a published author, having released her book, Timeless Beauty in 2015.

Brinkley also does philanthropic work as a representative for various charities including UNICEF and the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.


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