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Caroline Demarqui Leopoldo

Caroline Demarqui Leopoldo was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1991. Her childhood dream was to be a fashion model, and she practiced her runway walk for the time she was a small girl. Being tall, thin and full of self-confidence, modeling seemed a perfect fit according to both her and her mother.

Getting An Early Start

When Caroline entered, a fashion contest in 1991, she was one of the 500 contestants. If landing a second place win was exciting, but the modeling contract with MMA of Santo André was a dream come true. At the age of 14 she was on her way to a successful career, she wanted so badly. It wouldn’t take long for the 5’10” blue eyed blonde to be appreciated in the fashion industry.

The 2006 Dries Van Noten’s spring runway was her introduction to the fashion world. Within one year, she was engaged in numerous editorial photo shoots, doing ad campaigns and walking for Marc Jacobs in Milan and Vera Wang’s bridal show.L’Officiel Brazil and V magazine submitted an editorial about Caroline in 2007-TSE's ad campaign soon followed this. The photography session for Marc Jacobs was done by Juergen Teller, a German artist and established fashion photographer.

Subsequent to the New York and Milan runway shows, Caroline appeared for DNKY ad campaign and was the face in the photo on of Russian Harper’s Bazaar and Poland’s

Does Her Career Continue?

She has performed in a total of 31 runway productions, 11 of them between Milan and Paris. Agencies that signed on as managers of her career encompassed several countries including Italy, Paris, Argentina, Spain, United States and Brazil. Magazine editorials included “Casa Vogue” and “D” and Italian publication both in 2009.

While she continues to do ready to wear shows, she hasn’t appeared on the model lists of Milan, Paris or New York shows in the past 3 years. She is currently living in New York.


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