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Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Caroline Brasch Nielsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 21, 1993. She was a regular competitor at the Equestrian competitions and considered her love of horses a possible career at one point. There would be some dispute if she was having lunch in Stockholm or eating pizza with friends in Copenhagen when she was discovered. The point is- she was scouted out by a representative of the Elite Agency and within a month she was dazzling designers on the runway with her glaring stare.

The First Season and More

Caroline was all of the 17 years old and in the first season walked over 17 shows for designers like Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel in Paris 2010. Her debut was for Dries Van Noten in Paris, and she made quite an impression. The catwalks to follow were no less impressive. Caroline added runway walks for Valentino and Marc Jacobs to her resume in 2011. In a short time, she was one of the top models in New York, Milan and Paris.

Editorials and Ad Campaigns

The number of editorials requested was remarkable. She was featured in Portuguese, Italian, Russian, British, French, Japanese and German editions of Vogue magazine. She once commented on the Russian photo shoot as being done in the rain; this is the one she won't forget. The love affair with Vogue was only the beginning.

Fashion publications were all interested in the new beauty and Caroline's images can be found in i-D, Cover, Another and Dansk to name a few. Harper Bazaars Australia editorial was unique as usual; the mood and design were gothic from makeup to fashions in 2011.

The 2012, fall campaign of the Sonia Rykiel was shot on the streets of Paris and included Caroline Nielsen wearing men's wear styled knits for women. The same year she modeled for Valentino's fall campaign for two very successful events.

The past two years have brought editorials for Elle Denmark, Eurowoman and one on and of course Vogue China and Paris. She has also done several runway shows and ad campaigns for Tory Burch, Akris and Stockholm street style. Her eminence persists, and there are no indications that will change in the near future. She is after all only 22 years old.

Looking Back

In recent interviews, Caroline has said how much she loved being with her family and taking care of her horses on the farm. No matter what the weather was, she enjoyed it and treasures those memories. She describes herself as shy and insecure about some things but feels she has conquered those issues as she has gotten older.

She still loves horses and rides when the opportunity arises. She also loves to visit her grandmother's home in Jamaica. She loves the weather, the beautiful natural surroundings, and it is the one place where she relaxes. Grandmother's house means scrumptious food, comfortable surroundings and shopping in flea markets. She has her own apartment in Copenhagen now and stated she probably wouldn't have been a model but maybe a stylist, had she not been discovered.


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