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Alice Burdeu

Early Life

Alice Burdeu is a young red-haired Australian model. She was born on 27th January 1988.

Since she was a child she's always dreamt to be a model and the occasion to achieve her goal came when she was selected to participate at “Australia's Next Top model” spot.

She started in March 2007 on the show's 3rd cycle. That was the beginning of her new life (starting from her hair, which she dyed red).

Modeling Career Highlights

She was noticed for her beautiful and unique physical appearance, but also for being frank.

She proved to have talent for audiences and as a result she won the competition. Alice Burdeu shooted an editorial for the September 2007 issue of Australian “Vogue”. She felt really surprised when the magazine's editor decided to use her picture in the cover instead.

After that she posed for the cover of “Luxury” and “Luxx Living” (to magazines in Singapore) and for “Verse” (which was her first in the United States).

2008 was a lucky year for Alice; in fact the model was called once again for Australian “Vogue” cover shoot in July and she was also called for a shoot by an Italian magazine.

In addition, she did the Autumn campaigns for “Celine” and “D&G”. In 2009 she worked for “Elle”, “Velvet”, “Harper's Bazar” and “Vogue Australia” and had campaign contracts for “Blumarine” and “Sonia Rykiel”.

Why is Alice Burdeu so popular? She is not a curvy model, but her height and low body mass makes her a very special one. With her 5'11 inches she’s really one of the highest models.

She’s famous for her red hair which contrasts with her fair skin complexion, but actually she is naturally blond.

This young woman is also down-to-earth as we can deduce from her interviews. She said to Vogue in 2008 after winning the “Australia’s Next Top Model” competition

“It's hard to believe it was only nine months ago that I won the competition. Occasionally someone will remind me but I can't really remember it. It was hard, but I've forgotten just how hard it was. The pressure was tough but I had the best possible outcome. I still can't believe it.”

She also explains what are the ingredients for being a model are

“It's easy to get caught up in thinking it's all about physical appearance. Obviously that's 70 per cent of it. But when you go to a casting, it's also about how you make the designer feel. Personality is so important.”

And she definitely has a good one.


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