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Ariane is a feminine name. It is a French translation of the Greek name Ariadne. It may refer to:


  • Princess Ariane of the Netherlands (born 2007)
  • Ariane Ascaride (born 1954), French actress and screenwriter
  • Louise Bourgoin (born 1981), birth name Ariane Bourgoin, French actress
  • Ariane Ehrat (born 1961), Swiss alpine skier
  • Ariane Friedrich (born 1984), German high jumper
  • Ariane Hingst (born 1979), German football player
  • Ariane Koizumi (born 1963), model and actress
  • Ariane Mnouchkine (born 1939), French stage director
  • Ariane Moffatt (born 1979), Québécois singer-songwriter
  • Ariane Schluter (born 1966), Dutch actress
  • Ariane Sherine (born 1980), British comedy writer and journalist

In the arts

  • Ariane (Martinů), an opera by Bohuslav Martinů
  • Ariane (Massenet), an opera by Jules Massenet
  • Ariane, the lead female character in Ariane et Barbe-bleue, an opera by Paul Dukas
  • Ariane, the lead female character in Love in the Afternoon (1957 film)
  • Ariane, a play by Thomas Corneille
  • Ariane (film), a 1931 German film directed by Paul Czinner

Outer space

  • First European rocket
  • Ariane (rocket family), a family of European rockets operated by Arianespace
  • Ariane M, a proposed expendable launch system
  • Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment, an Indian experimental communication satellite
  • 1225 Ariane, an asteroid


  • Simca Ariane, a large saloon car manufactured by French automaker Simca
  • Ariane (automobile), a two-seater French car manufactured in 1907

Other uses

  • Ariana, Greek Αρειανή or Arianē, a region of the eastern countries of ancient Iran
  • Ariane Films, a French film production company
  • Tour Ariane, an office building west of Paris