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Shanay Hall

Shanay Hall is an Australian fashion model, born in Perth, Australia. She has lived in New York City, and currently resides in Berlin with partner, artist Sam Ash, and daughter Iyla. She publishes a blog about the adventures of being a mother.


She was approached at age 14 in her hometown of Perth by modeling agency Viviens while at Holts Cinema with family. She was encouraged by Christine Fox, the manager of Viviens Perth office to have her mother contact them, and a few weeks later she was signed up. She still had braces in her first professional modeling job, and at 15 years old, appeared without makeup.

Some of her more memorable career moments include riding an elephant in India, and holding an eagle while shooting a swimsuit label in New York with Steven Meisel, early in her career. She tells Oyster Magazine one of the downsides to the fashion industry is its immediate nature “…the last minute calls from your agent saying you have to be there ‘Now!’… I'm a planner”.

Though currently represented by IMG, the company doesn’t have a maternity division, and so as a new mom, Shanay’s career has taken a backseat to her mother duties. She’s also published a vegetarian magazine style cookbook called “NY Eat Your Heart Out”. She is taking a wait and see approach to any further modeling work, “some of me says yes while I'm here but we will see”.

Hall says one of the highlights of her career include the variety of stamps on her passport, and that she has a love hate relationship with the fashion industry. For any newcomers, Hall suggest you need tough skin and be willing to take criticism well, “if you can’t, it will eat you alive”.

Being a mom Shanay became pregnant with her first child in 2012, and was studying ayurvedic nutrition at the time. She completed her studies and then sought the services of a Doula, a Greek word for a woman who serves other women during pregnancy. She told Elke Magazine “I loved being pregnant. I was so drawn to the whole experience”.

She took time off while pregnant, and took the time afterward to spend with her new baby. She and partner Sam packed up and left New York City after the birth and headed to Berlin, a city the couple chose because of its family vibe.

She hasn’t ruled out the possibility of having another child, and her advice for new moms includes making sure you plan what is best for you instead of heading for the hospital C-section option right away.

Ayurvedic Nutrition Hall has more than passing interest in alternative medicine, and received her certificate in ayurvedic nutrition, something she spent the better part of a year working to earn. She would like to see clients in the future, but for now has focused on learning more about the practical side of nutrition, and helping her friends. She’s also said she would enjoy working as a Doula for other women.


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