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Ronja Furrer

Ronja Furrer, born January 18th, 1992 in Lüterkofen, Solothurn, is a Swiss Model. She has three siblings, and began her modelling career at 14 years old, and was among the top 15 finalists during the 2006 Elite Model Look contest in Marrakesh. This was an important first step in her career because it gave the new young model access to all of the top agencies in the world. She moved to Paris after school, to join the fashion world at the age of 15.

CAREER After being discovered in 2006, Ronja Furrer toiled in relative anonymity until she went on to attain moderate success with appearances in GC, German Ele in 2011, and a successful summer campaign for Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply in 2012. Those years were lonely ones, overwhelming and frightening.

In 2013, a change in representation brought a major rebranding of her image, and an overhaul of her profile in time for the Fall/Winter 2014 season, from that point on has been sought after as the most desirable “newcomer”.

Furrer has worked with star brands and star photographers alike, as clients like Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Brook Brothers line up to book her on a regular basis. She’s graced the pages of magazines like Elle, Vogue, and Harpers Bazar.

In 2012, Ronja was the face of a worldwide campaign for Ralph Lauren, and became personally acquainted with the designer. The pair connected over their mutual love and appreciation of horses. During the campaign, Furrer worked with celebrity photographer Mark Seliger who has previously photographed Barack Obama and Johnny Depp. She is also a well-known commodity on the Swiss market, with campaigns for Swiss brands such as PKZ, Globus, Manor, Zimmerli, and Beldona.

The Flower House Ronja Furrer spends her personal time dedicated to a charity organization called The Blumenhaus, or The Flower House, a foundation that provides a boarding school, workshop, and residential home for children, teenagers, and adults with special needs.

Travel She lives in New York, but also travels extensively between Paris, London, and Switzerland. For short trips between New York and Los Angeles, Furrer likes to travel light. In a recent blog post for Style Notes, Ronja says “The world's airports have already become almost every day…. Definitely not the best part of my career but inevitable.”

Interactive Samsung Campaign Since Mid-2014, Ronja Furrer has been the face of an interactive Swiss campaign for Samsung. The unique concept allows users to design their own cover for the Swiss “Friday Magazine”, using images of the model, at the click of a button. Around 8’000 different cover pages were generated due to the campaign.

Social Media/Technology With over 11’000 Instagram followers, Furrer is serious about her technology. She’s never far from her smartphone or tablet, and uses the tools to communicate with her agent and partners, and to interact with fans.

Godmother to Swiss Airbus In July of 2013, the 15th Swiss Airbus A340-300 was named “Solothurn” in a formal ceremony. Ronja Furrer, Solothurn Mayor Kurt Fluri, and other dignitaries from the region were on hand for the occasion.


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