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Noemi Manser

Noemi Manser, born in Basel, Switzerland, spent part of her childhood time in New Zealand, Australia. After moving back to Switzerland, she was discovered as a model at a tender age of 15. While modelling, she discovered her love of art but reconnected with her agent recently. From then she has developed as an autodidact embracing the freedom to grow herself. She began to put more focus on her art which soon bore fruits after her exhibition in Basel and Zurich.

Noemi has a strong belief that her work must be consistent thus she is always exploring new techniques and at the same time evolving her style. Her artwork is like a visual diary. Her strain between the spiritual and matter leads to ideas and perversion. These strong traits can be found throughout her work sometimes in the form of confusion or erotic, sometimes dark but always hopeful.

Focusing on the principles of polarity, Noemi is showing an uninhibited, provocative and direct character that portrays her personal process. A unique character in her works is individual parts of the body, faces and symbols that are placed perfectly in a symmetric and dramatic way.

Now older, more confident, wiser and healthier, Noemi has taken fashion to the next level. This curvaceous, glamorous and old school beautiful girl is good in what she does. Her critical view has dramatically changed for her benefit and that of the society. She has embraced the universal language of art and has the capability to translate what cannot be described in words. Noemi's work is deeply personal since she shares her inner growth, conflicts and transformation with the world surrounding her. With the right editorial and career management, Noemi is capturing the industry fast.

She has modelled for agencies such as Visage management-Zurich, IMG Models in Paris and-Milan, and TFM World-Oslo. She has appeared in magazines cover such as the France: Marie France-April 2013.


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