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Monica Cima

Monica Cima is an actress, from San Valentino (2011). Monica Cima and Hannare Blaauboer who shared a stage during ‘Appetite for Attraction' hosted by Nicolas Gueri. Monica Cima and Hannare Blaauboer, are showed to be hungry for love in “Appetite for Attraction.

On March 26, 2015, Hannare Blaaboer, Monica Cima, Nicolas Guerin, Sheri Chiu, and Sonia Logerot appeared in a Fashion Editorial by Anne Email article. On 28th September, Models Monica Cima and Devon Windsor exit the Akris show at Grand Palais on the 6th Day of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer on 2015. Melodie Jeng took the Photo. Christian Attuly, a hairstylist, captures well-coiffed creations with dews ranging from wet/sleek to wild/free. Behind the scene, a (Creative Director) by the name Sheri Chiu expose everyone to the surroundings of the event which is appealing.

Monica Cima also participated in Marie Claire France in 2014 by Bruno Ripoche. In this event, she wears all blue looks for the June with Bruno Ripoche being the photographer and outfitted by Audrey Mieyeville.


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