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Kinga Rajzak

Kinga Rajzak is Slovak national, who was born on March 7, 1987. In the modeling world, she has quite a unique presence and is known for her beautiful hair and her one of a kind stare. She debuted in March 2005 in the Jill Sander show in Milan. Kinga’s mother runs an agency, which is about exit Model Management in Bratislava. Right now, she is working with IMG models in New York and Paris. Kinga Rajzak has signed up with modeling agencies such as Elite Model Management Toronto and Stockholm, UNO Models in Madrid and Barcelona, Elite Model Management London, IMG Models in Paris and New York, Scoop Models in Copenhagen, Next Company, Seeds Management, Mega Model Agency in Hamburg and Donna Models in Tokyo.

Model Profile

Bust: 32.5 Waist: 23 Hips: 34 Height: 5 ft 9.5 inches/ 176.5 cm Hair color: blonde Eye Color: blue Shoe: 9.5 Dress: 4

The 28 year old beauty believes that it takes more than just looks to become a model; it takes the whole personality. The things that describe best this Hungarian model’s style and personality is simplicity. Some people can mistake this for effortlessness, as this model started her fashion career not because it was her ambition, but for fun when she was first spotted in a mall in Slovakia. Kinga worked for leading labels at a very young age, which was a big thing as compared to what other models of her age were working on at that time. Her first major gig was working on a shoot with an English team for Cosmo Girl. She remembers that she did not feel as if she had anything to do with the way her body was moving, as it was so much in sync with the camera.

Rajzak believes that the biggest step she took for her growth as a model was moving to New York City where she lived for three years. According to her, New York helped her get in touch with many different people and cultures. She is living in London right now. Kinga has no secret beauty regime either; to her, a strict diet is way too secluded and looks dull to her. It makes her feel bored and lifeless. She sees herself as complicated and raw, and dislikes over masculinity and feminism. Kinga’s favorite designer is Ann Demeulemeester because the model finds her very unique with her neutral styles, and Kinga, as a model, can still show them off without any poise or style.

She featured in Vogue Italias editorial for Tattoos and also where she portrayed herself as a schizophrenic girl. Rajzak has walked the runway for leading labels like Burberry, Prada, Chanel, Valentino, David Sims and McQueen.


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