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 +====== Katryn Kruger ======
 +It was a casual visit to the City Centre in Cape Town that she got noticed by an actor and a male model whose wife was scouting. Kruger was only 15 at that time.
 +===== Biography =====
 +Katryn Kruger was born in Cape Town, South Africa on 14th April, 1995. In 2011, at the age of 16, she signed up with Y models and made a breakthrough the same year when she walked the runway exclusively for Givenchy in Paris.
 +Kruger says that her dream, apart from becoming a top model, is to do something related to languages, journalism, or something to do with teaching the English language to Afrikaans.
 +===== Modeling Career =====
 +Katryn’s most notable features are her beautiful complexion and her stunning brows. Her runway debut was for Givenchy, and working with Steven Miesel for the Prada shoot. She also opened and closed the Spring Couture Show for Valentino. This rising star made her way to the cover of Elle Magazine South Africa as well.
 +Unlike most models who depend on their genes to keep them in shape, Katryn actually has to work hard and stick to a healthy lifestyle, which she loves to keep herself in shape for the ramp. Kruger has also made an appearance in editorials like Interview, Self Service, Marie Claire, Dossier Journal, Stelle and Vogue Paris.
 +===== Model Profile =====
 +Hair Color: Dark brown
 +Eye Color: blue green
 +Height: 5 ft. 10 inches/ 180 cm
 +Bust: 31
 +Waist: 23
 +Hips: 35
 +Shoe: 10
 +===== References =====
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