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Genevieve Mnaji Bio

Genevieve Nnaji was born on 3rd May 1979 in Mbaise, Nigeria but was raised in Lagos. She is the 4th in a family of 8 children, and she grew up in a middle-class family. Her mother was a nursery teacher, and her father was an engineer. Nnaji attended school at Methodist Girls College, which is located in Yaba, Lagos. Later, she filed a successful transfer to the University of Lagos, and it’s when schooling there that she commenced auditioning for acting roles amongst the numerous Nollywood projects. Today, she is celebrated as a Nigerian singer and actress. Among the awards, Nnaji holds under her belt are Best Actress in a leading role and African Movie Academy Award in 2005. In the year 2005, Nnaji was invited as a member of the Order of Federal Republic by the Nigerian government for her invaluable contribution while at Nollywood. She debuted her career in acting as a kid actress in the popular TV soap opera “Ripples” while she was eight years old. Nnaji also featured in a couple of commercials, some of which included Omo detergent and Pronto Beverage. In 1998, at the age of 19, Nnaji made her debut in the Nigerian film industry in the movie “Most Wanted.” Just like is the case with most emerging stars, she took a series of minor roles seeking an opportunity for a breakthrough in her career. Her next roles in the movies that includes “Mark of the Beast” and “Last Party” and Ijele (a performance still viewed as one of her best performances) highlighted her as an icon to be adored and loved by most people. She became a familiar household name. Later in 2008, Nnaji starred in the film Sharon Stone, and her fame grew beyond the confines of Nigeria to the most of Africa and a couple of European Nations. One can reasonably argue that via the Buzz, Nnaji reinvented Nollywood, opening it up to the rest of the universe. Genevieve appeals warmly to Liberians, Kenyans, Ghanaians, South Africans and Nigerians who watch Nigerian films. Genevieve took an enormous step toward introducing herself to the entire planet by having a website designed in 2003, and it was, according to a report by Forbes, the most viewed Nigerian site on the web. Its fame grew like wildfire; 355 pages, 3549 hits in just two weeks. In appreciation of her devoted contribution to Nigerian Movie Industry, she was presented with many awards, some of them in London, U.S., and Dublin. She was crowned the best actress of the year in 2000 City People Award and again in 2005 during the inaugural awarding of AMAA (African Movie Academy Awards). In the year 2004, a search for the next face of Lux was running, and out of the likely celebrities across Africa, Nnaji won with a majority of the votes. She graced TV Stations and Billboards with her enduring personality and smile. In the same year, Nnaji was contracted by a Ghanaian record label to do an album, which won immense attention in most African nations. In 2008 and with numerous fans and movies to her name, she launched St. Genevieve, her clothing line, in a bid to give back to the society. The business donates a significant portion of its profits to orphanages. In 2009, Nnaji went down in history books as the first African Woman to be profiled in the Ophrah Winfrey Show in an episode on the most famous individuals across the globe. She is believed to be the best paid and most desired actress in Nollywood today. She has acted more than 80 Nigerian films.


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