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Gemma Ward Bio

Gemma Ward was born on 3rd November 1987 as the second in a family of 4 children. Her father is Ward Gary, a doctor, and her mother is Claire, a nurse. Ward has one sister, Sophie, who is also a model, and twin brothers, Henry, and Oscar. She is currently an Australian actress and fashion model. She was born in Western Australia, and she was scouted (for the first time) at the age of fourteen. Ward made her first Australian Fashion Debut when she was fifteen years old. She later made history as the youngest female model to ever appear on the cover of the American edition of Vogue. Ward then appeared on the covers of both the Time and Teen Vogue. Here first mainstream appearance was in the 2007 film titled “The Black Balloon.” Afterward, Ward featured in a 2008 film titled “The Strangers” and in a 2011 film titled “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.” Ward joined the school at Shenton College and Presbyterian Ladies College. At her early years, Ward was her family crown with an aspiration of acting. Her interest in acting was sparked in 1997 after she was casted as a witch in her school’s play titled Hansel and Gretel. She was only ten years old at the time. Wards career in modeling was accidental. She was discovered when she was 14 years old in 2002 while accompanying her best friend to an Australian modeling competition titled “Search for a Supermodel.” As she went on record during a 2013 Teen Vogue interview, she was scouted too. She said, “I have just come from my Uncle’s farm, and I had this huge barn jacket on me with mud sprayed on it. I remember saying to the scout, “No Thank you!” They forgot my mother’s signature and forced me in front of the camera. Although Ward did not win this competition, her unique look captured the attention of spotters from the famous Vivien’s Model Agency, who recognized her potential. Ward ended up in the hands of David Cunningham, one of Ace model scout. Cunningham said, “Her confidence is amazing. She looks like she has been modeling for years, yet she is only 15. She is a supermodel; no doubt.” Towards the end of 2008, reports run on the media that Ward was seeking to quit modeling to focus on acting. However, she immediately dismissed the rumors saying, “I am shocked to wake up today and watch the news on my retirement. I am only taking some time off to rest and enjoy some time with my family and friends. I am still an enthusiastic and excited actress and model. I am just twenty for heaven sake.” Since her appearance on the spring shows in 2008, Ward has not had a smooth ride down a runway. Her next modeling job was an appearance inside and on the cover of the October issue of the Spanish Magazine titled Marie Claire. In November 2009, about one year later, her agent announced that Ward was retiring from the modeling industry following her absence in the previous runway seasons. In response to a criticism about Ward’s weight gain, Vivien’s modeling spokesman said, “Ward has not committed to getting back to the modeling career any soon”, and added that she had the firm’s full support. However, Ward came forward again and refuted the retirement report and said she would return to the modeling arena in 2008, and true, in 2013, she signed with IMG Models.


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