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Erin O'Connor

Erin O’Connor is a famous English model. The 6 ft. 4 inch model has worked for several top luxury brands, photographers and for Marks & Spencer.

Childhood days

Born in Walsall in 1978, Erin O’ Connor’s father is Irish and a factory worker, while her mother worked as a cleaner. She has two sibling sisters. Her androgynous features had made her being nicknamed as ‘Morticia’ of the Addams Family in school. She had a penchant for performing right from her schooldays.

Career in Modeling

Spanning over 15 years, Erin’s modeling career took off, when she appeared at the age of 16, on ‘The Clothes Show’ held at Birmingham NEC, and was spotted by the talent search group there. Despite wearing braces at that time, her unusual looks drew attention. She became one of the top models in a short span. She has worked for great names in the industry from Armani and Versace to Alexander McQueen. She has been associated with famed fashion celebrities including Richard Avedon, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Steven Meisel, Irving Penn, Jaurgen Teller, Tim Walker and Mario Testino, David Sims and Nick Knight.

Accolades Erin O’Connor has received many accolades during her career including being the only alive person to have been on the face of specially designed postage stamps by Nick Knight. In addition, in 2002 an exhibition, held by David Downtown, the illustrator had line drawings of Erin and the exhibition had been a first of its kind being devoted to a single model. Her dedicated work for models belonging to the fashion industry has been duly recognized by Jo Swinson, Lib Dem Minister in the Parliament Houses recently.

Personal life

On the personal front, Erin O’Connor is in a live-in relationship with Steve Gibson. She gave birth to a son, Albert in July 2014. Erin and Steve Gibson, an Anglo Irishman, live in West Village, New York. She is involved in social work and is part of many organizations. She has been the spokesperson of Traid a fair trade charity organization. She is also an ambassador for the initiative, ‘Save the Children’, since 2011. She was made vice chair of British Fashion Council and as a member of Model Healthy Inquiry in 2007. She has also spearheaded the ‘All Walks Beyond the Catwalk’ foundation that encourages diversity and individuality in fashion. Erin has also appeared in many radio and television shows and the latest being her appearance on Sky Living HD in the series,’ The Face’ with Caroline Winberg and Naomi Campbell.


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