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Emma Willis

Emma Willis Is a former English model. Emma was born on March 18th 1976 and is currently 39 years old. Currently she host’s Big Brother which she took over in 2013 she has also co-hosted The Voice UK Since 2014. Willis started her career on MTV as a presenter in 2002. She was born in Birmingham and raised in Sutton Coldfield. She began modeling at the age of 17. In her molding career she worked for companies such as Marie Claire, Channel, Gap and Elle. In 2013 she was presented with the award “most popular entertainment presenter”. She married Matt Willis of Busted in 2008 after being together for 3 years. They have two children and its rumored they are expecting a third. As well as being a common television personality she has also co hosted Sunday Morning Breakfast with Stephen Mulhern on the heart network. She has over 20 television credits as herself acting as a presenter or host. Aside from The Voice UK and Big Brother she has also been on MTV UK, TRL, Loose Women, 27 Dresses: Movie Special, Big Brothers Big Mouth, Im a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here, This Morning, Girlfriends, Les Miserables: Movie Special, Celebrity Big Brother, Prize Island, Reality Bites, Prized apart and many others. She is an avid Aston Villa fan and is part of the Princes Trust which is a charity that helps struggling youth. They offer job training, educational grants and other programs to help them progress in life. She also has one older sister. She is 5ft 6in tall and is represented by Models 1 Modeling Agency. She also has her own ready to wear clothing line for mens wear. Her company makes custom occasionally monogramed shirts for men out of “the finest cottons and silks” they have been in production since 1987. The style of her mens ready to wear is often referred to as evening wear and described as having a classic London look.


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