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Emma Ishta

Emma Ishta was born in Sydney Australia in 1991. Her modeling career started when she was very young. When she was twelve years old her mothers hair dresser asked her if she could take some photos of her to which they said yes and she ended up doing it for free. In an interview she recalled the moment being very exciting. She was excited that someone took interest in her and wanted to take photos being quoted as saying “Yeah I want to be a model!”. These photos lead to her being featured on a series of posters in shopping centers all over Brisbane Australia. After this her and her mother started thinking about modeling as a possible path for her more seriously and took into a modeling agency noting that she had not been paid for the photos that were being used of her around the city as it was a fairly large campaign that was being used for numerous things. She signed with a small agency in Australia, working there until she was scouted by IMG when she was 15 years old. After she graduated high school IMG sent her to Paris followed by New York City which is where she relocated to in 2009 and has remained since that time. She lives by most models standards a very simple life. Saying her mother was a hippy growing up so she was not raised around a lot of beauty products or make up. Noting that her mother would wake up each morning and wash her face using only water and then apply lip balm, nothing more. She still follows these routines to this day. On a daily basis she says she gets out of the shower, moisturizes and puts on lip balm and thats it. Adding that in the winter her nose gets dry in that case she will add Papaw into her routine and thats it. Noting that event or casting she likes to keep her makeup very natural looking. A bit of concealer and powder with a bit of mascara. Though she does admit that in adulthood her one guilty pleasure with make up is when she goes out. Exploring specifically with make up around her eyes and brightly colored lipsticks. Emma has also been very involved in an outreach organization called “Cleanse” which was started by fellow model Anne Marie Van Dijk. The organizations main goal is to help younger models transition into the lifestyle in a safe manner. With heavy emphasis on diet and nutrition. Noting that eating Vegetables, fruits and good proteins is much different and much better for you than just “having a jello”. While reminding the young girls that there is certainly a body type that goes is singled out for the career its about keeping it in a healthy manor which also helps promote career longevity. Another focus of the organization is teaching the up and comers about finical management. In a industry where you can make thousands of dollars in a day it teaches you about saving as the shelf live of most models is not much further than their mid twenties. Emma also talks often about all of the other things she has wanted to do with her life admitting that for a long time she wanted to be a musician, even having studied violin at a conservatory in Australia for a time in her youth. She knows now that music will never be her meal ticket but continues to play when she finds the time and promotes it to this day. She has also decided to take classes through an online university in psychology which is what she would like to pursue after her modeling career has ran its course. She speaks about how she would love to attend an actual university campus but given her work schedule knows that it wouldn't be possible which is why she opted for an online university. Aside from modeling Emma has also had some success in acting. She has had roles in several T.V. shoes in the last few years in 2014 she had roles in the shows “Blackbox”, “Power” and most notably “Manhattan Love Story”. In 2015 she has had a reoccurring role in the T.V. show “Stichers” playing a character named Kirsten and also was in a film called “I Smile Back” which stared Sarah Silverman. She stands 5ft 10in tall with light brown hair and brown eyes and wears a size 8.5 shoe. She is represented by IMG in New York City, Paris, Milan and London and by MODELWERK in Hamburg.


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