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Emanuela de Paula

Emanuela de Paula is a Brazilian model, best known for her role as the face of UK brand Next. She was born on the 25th April, 1989, in Pernambuco, Brazil. she has walked the runway for São Paulo fashion week, which is one of the largest fashion shows in Brazil.

Emanuela began modelling at the very young age of 9, as this is when she took a keen interest in the career and decided that was what she wanted to do in the future. Very soon after realising this, she had booked to work on an advert for a supermarket, and this was her first real modelling job. At the age of 10 she was saving up money to travel to São Paulo, as she knew this is where she would be most successful.

By the age of 15, she had already signed up to Marilyn agency. At 16, she had moved to Tokyo on her own. At the time, she did not know any English or Japanese, so communication was a problem for her. She was also still very young and alone, however, she did not let these factors get in the way of her pursuing her career.

She got work almost instantly in Tokyo, but after a few months there she believed the right place for her was in New York. In 2005 was working the runway in New York for Ralph Lauren and many other designers.

Other names that she has walked the runway for are; Lacoste, Lucy In The Sky, Rebecca Taylor, Jennifer Lopez' Sweetface and Alexandre Herchcovitch. De Paula has also secured two make up campaigns for MAC and Prescriptives.

Some other career highlights of the model are becoming a Victoria's Secrets Angel and being a Pirelli Calendar girl. In 2009, she was ranked 11th highest paid supermodel earning $2.5 million.

In order to maintain her slim build, the model works out three to four times week. Her main form of work out is boxing with her personal trainer, but depending on where she is in the world at the time, she also takes part in a range of other sports such as pilates. She claims that she uses apps on her phone and music to keep her motivated during a workout.

Emanuela de Paula is 176cm in height, with a bust size of 84cm, waist of 59cm and hips 86cm. She has a shoe size of 6 and brown hair and brown eyes.


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