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Ella Drake

Ella Drake is a new and upcoming model. Born on the 4th of February 1989 in New Zealand. At first she was working the odd modelling job in Auckland, but as she was not getting much work, she soon moved to Sydney to try her luck in a bigger city. The model was much more successful here, and instead of just working every now and then, she was taking jobs full time and building a very strong portfolio.

After some time in Sydney, Drake moved on to Milan in the search of more work and success. She stayed here for a long time and won a contract with Gucci, working as a fit model in Rome. Although she no longer lives in Rome, she often flies back there for more jobs.

The first modelling agency that the model signed up with is Next Management worldwide in 2009, and this is where her modelling career started.

In 2010, she walked the Gucci show in Milan and then moved on to Paris where she walked the Issey Miyake show. Drake appeared on a Gucci show for Milan fashion week. This was one of the biggest steps in her career, and she is the first girl from New Zealand to walk a Gucci exclusive. Walking a show for Gucci often leads to more work and sometimes campaigns for the company. This is often a sign that a model is going to be successful in the future. However, as Drake is a new model, her future is unsure.

Over her time as a working model, she has signed up with many agencies, such as Chadwick Model Management in Sydney, Modelwerk, Ulla Models, and Next Model Management in Paris, London, Milan and New York.

In appearance, Drake has white blond hair and blue eyes, and her skin is very pale. She has a height of 5′10“, a waist measurement of 23″ and a bust size of 31.5″. She is a dress size 3 and a shoe size of 7.5.


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