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Eliza Cummings

Eliza Cummings is an English Model born on 25th January 1991 and is now a very successful model. She was born in the English city of Portsmouth but soon moved to London, and this was where she went to school. Cummings left school at the young age of 15 because of bullying, she decided that there was no more that she could learn there, so left and helped her father do odd jobs. She also began to train as a hairdresser.

Although often she has to stay in New York for long periods of time, she tries to return to London as often as she can, as it is here that she lives with her boyfriend and two dogs. Once her career being a model is over, she dreams of going to college and becoming a doctor.

It was her mother that initially encouraged her to try modelling. She had shown photos of her daughter to a teacher at the London Collage of Fashion, he told her to take her daughter to a modelling agency. She took her daughter to Select Model Management where she was later signed. She is now a well sought after model due to her slightly rocker look and disinterest for the glamorous side of fashion. She is also known for her tomboyish looks and can often be seen playing football and supporting leather clothes.

It is not only her look that helps Cummings get more shoots. It is also said that she is a lot of fun to work with on set, and has a good personality. One of her first and most successful jobs was being one of the faces of the high street brand Top Shop. She then went on to walk the runway in New York for Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs among others. She was also photographed for Vogue magazine.

The model has also spent a lot of time in Paris, where she was able to walk the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood, and was shot again for Vogue magazine.

Other brands that she has ran campaigns for are River island, Paul Smith, ukOne, Costume Natural and Juicy Couture.

Cummings is signed up with different agencies in different countries, including Woman Management in New York, Woman Management Paris in Paris and View Management in Barcelona.

In terms of appearance, Eliza has short dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her measurements are a height of 5'9“, a bust of 32” and waist 24“. Her shoe size is 8.5. When she was first signed as a model, they changed her name to Eliza Presley, because they claimed that she looked like Elvis Presley, however she did not keep this name for long and as soon as she began to get famous, she changed her name back to the original.


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