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Elisabeth Erm

Elisabeth Erm was born in Tartu, Estonia on February 2nd, 1993. She works as a model and has taken part in many successful photo shoots and advertising campaigns.

She was scouted when she was 17 while she was in a shopping centre, she was given a card from the scout with a phone number on it, and her mother encouraged her to call it when they were home. From here she began to get work as a professional model. At first the jobs she got were small, but her breakthrough came soon after her discovery as she opened for Lacoste at the very start of her show season.

She is currently signed with many modelling agencies in several different countries. Those such as Union Models in London, Wilhelmina Models in New York, Women Management in Milan and Elite Models in Paris, plus many more. It is through these agencies that she receives most of her modelling jobs. Wilhelmina was the agency that primarily guided her career, and built up her book to where she is today.

Some of her career highlights include walking on the runway of the fall shows, supporting Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Moschino, and Giorgio Armani in both New York and Milan in 2013. Also walking the Chanel show in Paris.

In 2014 she made her first appearance on a Vogue cover, wearing clothes from Prada's new fall collection. This was met with mixed reviews, despite her featuring in many Vogue editorials previously. Although the model has featured successfully in many magazines, such as Harper's Bazar and Net-A-Poter, she is most well known for runway walking and shows.

She has walked for many famous names, some of these being Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Lanvin and Valentino. Although she was spotted at 17, her fashion show career did not fully begin until 2013, with shows for Valentino. However she now takes part in a constant stream of shows and collections for most of the main designers of today.

Erm has also featured in a few advertising campaigns. In 2013 she advertised for the high street shop TopShop, and also Balmain. In 2014 she went on to advertisements for Gucci eye wear, Versace jeans and Max & Co.

In appearance she is of slim build, with green eyes and blond hair. She measures at 5“10 with a dress size of 3 and shoe size 10.5. It is said that she is known mainly for her eyes.


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