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Edwenna Aoki Bio

American model and actress Devon Edwenna Aoki was born August 10th, 1982 in New York City, but was raised in California. Her father Hroaki Aoki was a former Olympic wrestler and her mother Pamela Hilburger is a jewelry designer. Devon is a mix of Japanese from her father and German and English from her mother, giving her a uniquely attractive appearance even at an early age. In fact, Devon got her start in modeling when she was barely a teenager. At the age of thirteen she started modeling and was introduced to Kate Moss who would later be a mentor to her and a big part of Devon’s early career in the fashion and modeling industry. About a year after this, Devon signed on to the agency Storm Model Management at age fourteen. She later moved to London with her mother after her parents’ divorce. In 1998 she replaced Naomi Campbell as the new face of Versace. Having snagged this lucrative contract, Devon’s career began to flourish and has remained well-known and profitable to this day.

Even from the very start of her time as a model, Devon was able to land some very high profile jobs. Starting out, Devon modeled for some well-known fashion houses such as Lancome, Chanel, Versace, despite being five-foot-five inches—a height that made her one of the shortest models in the industry at the time. Rather than a hamper in her career, however, Devon’s height actually worked to her benefit. Devon’s shortness was one of the things she was known for in the modeling world, and designers would often seek her out because of it. All of the attention she was gaining led to a few high profile appearances in several ad campaigns as well. She did ad campaigns for Chanel Read-to-Wear, Chanel Couture by Karl Lagerfeld, Versace by Steven Meisel, Hugo Boss and Tiffanys and co. Devon also became a face for Alessandro Dell’Acqua and the face of Moschino Jeans. Devon made several appearances in editorials over the course of her career. She landed on the cover several Vogue magazines around the world in places such as Japan and Germany. Also earlier in her career she made several appearances in music videos, a few of which were alongside her mentor, Kate Moss. She was in music videos for Prince, The Killers, and Ludacris. Devon has also landed a few roles in television series and movies such as 2 Fast 2 Furious, Arrow, and Sin City, giving her accolades as both a model and an actress.

Today Devon is a part of L.A.’s International Creative Management for representation and The Firm for management. She had also been the face of Lancome cosmetics for four years. She is now currently married to her husband James Bailey, has two children and lives in California. Though she has been slightly less active recently, Devon Aoki is still modeling and continues to be a well-recognized name and face in the fashion industry.


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