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Eden Clark Bio

British model Eden Clark was born September 2nd 1989 on the English Isle of Wright. She used to work as a waitress at a café on the tiny island with only a population of 140,000, however, those days are long past for this highly successful model. The Isle of Wright is known for having many music festivals and Eden was a big fan of going to them on a regular basis. It was at one of these festivals that Eden was finally noticed by someone in the fashion industry. Her agent discovered her in 2007 during this music festival, and shortly thereafter she signed with the agency Independent in London.

Eden Clark is known for her unique tomboy looks and style, making her highly sought after for modeling certain types of apperal that simply aren’t the best fit for many models. She first hit the runway for Burberry in 2007 in Millan and became an exclusive model for them. She has also been on the runways for Miu Miu, Marni and Prada. She replaced Iekeliene Stange in 2008 as the face of Burberry Black Label. After that, Eden became a face for Kenzo Jeans when she modeled their jeans for an ad. She has made appearances and landed on the covers of the British Vogue, Italian Vogue and the Japanese Vogue and also for Diva,, and a magazine named Tatler that did a special feature on Eden as she was rising in fame. She got to open and close the Paul Smith fashion show in London in 2010 and opens for Vivienne Westwood.

Along with her active participation on the runway, Eden also has another claim to fame. She is well known in the fashion community for coming out as a lesbian, being one of the first models to openly embrace her sexuality. Recently, she worked with her companion with Tiffany & Co. on their 2015 spring campaign that featured same sex couples. It was a successful campaign that featured the two taking a large number of self-photos of lounging around together or just being a perfect couple. This campaign was Eden’s most recent work, though do not be surprised to see her appearing in more campaigns or shows in the near future, as her career is still young.


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