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Eddie Klint Bio

Male model Eddie Klint was born December 5th 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark and stands at six foot tall with brown hair and green eyes. Before he was recognized for his good looks and ability to own a runway with his presence, Eddie had a passion for cooking and was pursuing the career of a chef in Denmark. However, shortly after his discovery, Eddie realized that his calling in life was not to be a chef, but a model. Despite his success and wealth, Eddie still chooses to live with his mother and claims that he misses her when he travels for his work. He tends to keep her out of the lime light for certain reasons, but still says that she is very supportive of his career. He enjoys the French urban sport called parkour, which is a robust activity involving steep walls and high ledges. He began his fashion career in 2005 when he signed on with the agency in New York called DNA Models. From there, he has gone on to walk in number of shows and become a highly recognizable male model.

Eddie Klint has been a face of Prada ever since he signed for them in 2006. The designer of Prada personally chose Eddie to be the face of their long awaited male perfume while he was working as a model for them, allowing Eddie to quickly gain recognition within the industry. Along with his work for Prada, he has also walked the runway and opened for D&G, Fendi, and Salvatore Ferragame in Millan during the year 2008. This Danish model has been featured in editorials and on the covers for British Vogue, Hasse Neilsem and L’Uome Vogue. He has been in He magazine two times during the years 2006 and 2007. Besides being featured in a number of editorials, Eddie has been heavily involved in advertising campaigns as of late as well. He did an ad campaign for GAP also in 2007. Lately he has done work for Adidas and a spring/summer ad campaign for Sand. Over the course of his career, Eddie has worked for a large number of different agencies. In fact, he has signed with ten different modeling agencies around the world since he got his start. His most recent work was when he walked for the designer Tomas Maier in the Bottega Veneta fall and winter 2015 Men's Show. As a highly active model with a taste for success, expect Eddie Klint to show up in several more shows over the next few years as well.


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