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Dewi Driegen Bio

Dutch model Dewi Driegen was born September 15th, 1982 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This blonde, five-foot-ten-inches model, half Indonesian model with green eyes was discovered at age thirteen by and Elite Model Management scout in Amsterdam but decided to stay and finish school before she started her modeling career. After turning eighteen, she moved to Milan and signed with Elite in 2000. There she began modeling for huge fashion houses such as Valentino and Versace. She also got debut for them in Paris for another show. This show would be the start of a highly successful career for the Dutch model Dewi Driegen—a career that would include walks in some of the most high profile shows in the industry and appearances in many reputable editorials. Today, Dewi still remains active in the fashion industry, though her career has been far more silent as of late when compared to the string of shows she walked in the early 2000’s.

Her first campaign was in 2002 for the fall collection of Balencaga. Dewi has also done advertisements for Armani, Exchange, Gucci, New York & Company, Barneys and many others, giving her credentials with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Along with these campaigns, she also later went on to become a spokes model for Gucci and for Balenciaga, giving her even more recognition. In November of 2002 she got the honor of walking in the annual televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Despite all of her previous accomplishments, it was this show that really took her career to the next level of success. Her walk in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show soon started a flurry of business between her and Victoria Secret. She walked for their show again in 2003, and appeared in their Victoria’s Secret holiday catalog. Not only has she been on those runways but she has also walked for Chanel, Christan Dior, D&G, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and Ralph Lauren. With her stunning talent on the runways she has made her way in to many fashion magazines as well.

She has appeared on the covers of the Russan Vogue and the UK’s Vogue. Throughout the year of 2011 she made it into three French Vogue editorials that were photographed by Andreas Sjodin. Though Dewi’s recent appearances in both high profile shows and editorials have been more few and far between in the past years, she still is an active model that can be expected to still make the occasional appearance in some of the industry’s most high profile shows.


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