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Coco Young

Coco Young is a model, a photographer, and an amateur actress too. She was born in New York on January 20, 1989. Her life experience already includes a few years spent in Marseille, France where she practically grew up. She returned to New York to study and to express herself as a model and as an artist. So far, she is a muse for Ryan McGinley and for painter John Currin.

Modeling Management

Coco Young started her modeling career abruptly when no famous agency was representing her or getting jobs for her. She was somehow noticed by photographer Ryan McGinley, who made her a direct proposition. She wasn’t new to the world of art, but she wasn’t using her own body to do art. After posing for Ryan McGinley’s personal projects in 2008, she played in a short film called Run Around. Following her debut in the film, she sat for painter John Currin. He painted her topless and exposed his work at the Metropolitan Opera Gallery. 2010 is the year that brought her serious offers from the modeling world, which she accepted.


Coco Young’s career is divided on multiple levels. On one side, she is a successful model who walked for a Marc Jacob show during fall, 2010 when she had no modeling agent or agency representing her. She has later signed with Wilhelmina New York, FM agency in London and Stage Tokyo Agency. Moreover, she is the face of Cynthia Rowley. She has also collaborated with an influential boutique called La Garçonne. On the other side, she starred in KT Auleta's short film, Run Around. Switching sides, Coco Young has her own photography projects at the moment. Her work is featured in an issue of Vanity magazine and she was nominated for the Dazed Digital photography prize.

In her work as a photographer, she chooses professional models like her because she feels that she cannot show the world something that she doesn’t know. Hence, Coco Young reveals beauty in her own way, by using artificial light from iPads and other devices alike and mirror-like sources such as water. She has a fresh vision and she pursues it with great confidence.

Personal Life

Coco Young is pursuing a dual degree in Art History and English Literature from Columbia University. She is genuinely interested in photography and she reads a lot about it and about art theory as well. Besides her professional side, she has a bohemian side. She likes to take long walks, listen to music and she usually obsesses over a certain outfit. Coco Young likes to sleep as much as possible, focusing on her well-being and diet. As for her other passions, she is a film fan, who recommends several French movies when she is asked about her preferences. She is both adventurous and likes to spend days at home in flannel pajamas and with her phone off.


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