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Claire Campbell

Claire Campbell is a newbie on the fashion modeling scene. She is American, born in Mississippi. Her year of birth is 1993. She is five feet and eleven inches tall. Her hair is long and blonde. Her natural eye color is blue. Overall, Claire Campbell’s look is natural, youthful, fresh and a little innocent.

Modeling Management

At the age of 17, Claire Campbell signs with Boss Models that is a modeling agency from New York City. They make several promotional videos of her, in which she introduces herself and poses briefly. NYC is her scene for one year, but then she moves on to walking for fashion shows held in London. However, she returns in NYC to pursue her modeling career further, leaving doors opened behind her.


Claire Campbell began a promising career in modeling in 2010. Thanks to her collaboration with Boss Models, she got to walk for the spring Costello Tagliapietra show in New York. Among the other shows she was picked to star in, are Marc Jacobs, Imitation, Comme des Garçons and Vanessa Bruno shows. In February 2011, she changed the scenery from New York to London, where she opened Paul Smith’s fall show. Her presence on Paul Smith’s runway marked her debut in England. She is not a renowned model yet, but her features grant her a future in modeling. She might walk for other renowned fashion designers in cities like Milan or Paris if she continues to model.


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