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Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford, also known as Cynthia Ann Crawford or “Baby Gia”, is a supermodel, an actress, a spokeswoman and an inspiration to millions of women. She came out of her mother’s womb on February 20, 1966, in DeKalb, Illinois. She is known to be the woman who changed the mentality according to blondes with blue eyes only can be sex symbols. She is also the one who made having a mole on her upper lip a pride, not something that should be hidden. She has a long career in modeling, but she also played in various movies and did charity work. Although she had enough brains to pursue a career in chemical engineering, she dropped out of school and became a supermodel.

Modeling Management

The day when she was discovered by a newspaper photographer changed her life forever. She was only 16 when, the positive feedback she got, made her want to participate in a contest organized by the Elite Model Management, called Look of the Year. She won and since then she has changed different modeling agencies, has collaborated with tens of professional and renowned photographers and fashion designers. Cindy Crawford went from Chicago to New York in just one year and by the end of 1998 she had approximately 400 magazine appearances. She was denominated as the Second Most Beautiful Woman in the World and chosen one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. She is the first supermodel who posed nude for Playboy in 1988 and 1998.


Cindy Crawford’s modeling career made her famous and opened a lot of doors for her. She was picked by Gianni Versace to present his creations, as well as by Escada, Ink and Revlon too. Also, she has collaborated with the well-known cosmetics company Maybelline. Omega, Ripley, and Clairol are just some of her other contractors. George Michael, Duran Duran and Bon Jovi had her priceless presence in their videos. She was an inspiration in terms of fashion and life for many women. This is because she made herself approachable by talking about her childhood and her problems with family. She hosted MTV's House of Style before she started creating fitness programs for new mothers and other women who wanted to stay in shape.

Advertising, music videos, and TV shows were not enough for Cindy Crawford. She went further and accepted to appear in different movies, such as Fair Game, Simian Line, and Bodyguards. She wasn’t criticized for her acting, but she wasn’t praised for it either. As for her entrepreneur side, Cindy Crawford developed Meaningful Beauty, a line of cosmetics, and Cindy Crawford Home Collection, a collection of furniture.

Personal Life

Cindy Crawford was married to Richard Gere between 1991 and 1995. Their marriage didn’t work out, so she met and married model Rande Gerber three years later. She is the mother of two children, Presley Walker, and Kaia Gerber. Presley was born in 1999 and Kaia in 2001. She is a mother who gets involved in her children’s life, teaching them meaningful life lessons.


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