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Cicely Telman

Cicely Telman is a fashion model who was born on March 17, 1987 in the Netherlands. She is a Dutch beauty that has featured special editorials since she began her modeling career. She is the type of model who reveals her body topless in numerous photos over the years, beginning with 2007 in an issue of Vogue Brazil.

Modeling Management

Cicely Telman has two full years from the moment she makes her debut and until she collaborates with appreciated photographers and renowned fashion designers. From 2006 to 2008 she walks for well-known creators such as Jean Paul Gaultier and appears in different issues of Vogue. The themes of her photo shootings are mysterious and put her in the light of a femme fatale. She is an active model nowadays too.


Cicely Telman makes her debut in the Netherlands, in December 2006. She appears on the cover of the Elle magazine. Her next appearance takes her all the way to New York, where she walks for Marc Jacobs in February 2007. Just one month later, she flies to Paris, where she wears creations from Hermès and Jean Paul Gaultier on the runway. 2007 is a very busy year for Cicely Telman because she is featured in WWD, appears in a French Vogue editorial, as well as in an Avant-garde editorial. In addition, Gianfranco Ferrè chooses her to appear in his fall catalog. Vivienne Westwood proposes her to be the face of her fall campaign and Cicely Telman gladly agrees. Before appearing in the i-D editorial in September 2007, she walks for Missoni and Gianfranco Ferrè, wearing wonderful creations for spring.

2008 is eventful for this beautiful blonde model too. She has the pleasure of working with photographer Ben Hassett in February with the occasion of a French Vogue editorial. Later on, she closes the fall Modernist show that takes place in London. Daniel Jackson is another photographer whom she works with for an editorial of the Another Magazine. Jem Mitchell and Sophie Delaporte also work together with her to an Italian Flair editorial and the fall issue of Lula.

The roles of a mystic beauty, as well as dark and bewitching put Cicely Telman in the most positive light considering her features and her piercing look. Gianluca Fontana takes her pictures for the French magazine, issue of March 2012, where she is supposed to be a modern witch.


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