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Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington is not just a supermodel. She is an entrepreneur, a spokeswoman, a director and an inspiration for women all over the world for three decades. She was born on January 2, 1969 in Walnut Creek, California. Her remarkable beauty is the result of crossing American blood from her father and Latin blood from her mother who originates from El Salvador. In addition, she is also the mother of two children, Grace, and Finn.

Modeling Management

While Christy Nicole Turlington was doing what she loved, namely horseback riding, photographer Dennie Cody took the picture that constituted her debut in the modeling world. In 1983, she was only 14 when her radiant features convinced a local agency from Miami to represent her. Only two years after that, she signed with Ford Models, a prestigious modeling agency. A little after she turned 18 she became an international fashion model thanks to the collaboration with Calvin Klein, Maybelline, and Strenesse. Her pictures appeared almost one thousand times in different magazines. During the ‘90s, she was named the “Face of the 20th Century”. This denomination came from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Shortly after Christy Turlington turned 18, she decided to dedicate herself to the modeling career, which meant that she had to move to New York City. Before she signed a very profitable contract with Calvin Klein that lasted over two decades, she appeared on the cover of Vogue and in a music video. Duran released a music video in 1986 that made her known internationally. She appeared together with other top models on the cover of British Vogue at the beginning of January 1990, in George Michael’s music video called Freedom and walked the runway for Gianni Versace. The latter event changed her status from top model to supermodel. She was known by her first name only. 1992 brought her a contract with Maybelline and 1993 marked the creation of 120 mannequins that look just like her. She walked for Chanel and Valentino as well.

After gaining recognition and being a worldwide celebrity, she started to focus on entrepreneurship. She co-owned the Fashion Café franchise, founded Turly Pictures, LLC and an organization named Every Mother Counts. In addition, she laid the foundation of Sundari, a company that revolves around skin care products. Her debut as a writer came in 2002 when she published “Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice”. Eight years later, she became a director for the “No Woman, No Cry” documentary. Meanwhile, she also focused on her studies, graduating in 1999 from NYU with a degree in Comparative Religion and Eastern Philosophy. She is still studying at Columbia University’s Mailman School in NYC in order to obtain a MPH.

Personal life

Christy Turlington met actor Ed Burns in year 2000 and they ended up having two children together, a boy and a girl. Although they were not the perfect couple from the beginning, their story has a happy ending. She gave birth to her daughter, Grace in 2003 and to her son, Finn, three years later.


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