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Chloe Memisevic

Chloe Memisevic is Swedish, born in 1993, but Croatian/Serbian by ethnic origin gave Chloe a unique appearance. She said she was discovered on her blog about fashion and photos that she posted. Her discovery happened in 2009, and she began modeling in Sweden, where she walked Berlins Fashion shows.

Career Highlights

The year of 2010, she signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, and she showed in New York for Richard Chai and Marc Jacobs. Later that year she walked in the spring for Gaetano Navarra, Francesco Scognamiglio in Milan and London shows. Marc Jacobs grabbed her up for one of his faces in 2011.

The ad campaigns and editorials came in 2013 with the likes of REVS Magazine, L'Officiel Hommes China, Custo Barcelona and Houghton. She was at various shows for Sally LaPointe, and Houghton.

Health Concerns

In 2011 while walking for Mary Katrantzou several people remarked that Chloe appeared severely emaciated. Although she was still quite popular in the industry, these concerns were taken seriously in part due to the untimely deaths of models that came before her. The Uruguayan sister models, Eliana, and Luisel Ramos both died from anorexia related illnesses. Luisel Ramos died at Uruguay’s fashion show during a costume change- she was a size zero. Ana Carolina Reston 21, who dropped her weight to 88 lbs so she wouldn’t be “too fat” to walk the runways died from anorexia. Isabelle Caro, at age 28, another top model from France died from anorexia. Now Chloe’s emaciated appearance has added her name to the list of models too thin to be safe. France recently joined the ever increasing countries passing laws regulating weight restrictions of fashion models.


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