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Charlie Paille

This Canadian model was born in 1991. Her modeling career began as a “fitting model for Francisco Costa. Later on, she would gain the attention of the industry’s notables and work as a fashion model.

The Bulk of Her Career

While she did shows for Vivienne Westwood in 2012 and Ruffian in 2013 and 2014, runways were not the bulk of her modeling career. She did an enormous amount of ad campaigns and magazine editorials. Glamour Germany, Elle Mexico and Interview Russia and China are just a few of the promotional publications where she was represented. She was on the cover of Camplot in 2010 and Vision China in 2012 and did an interview and editorial about her tattoos on in 2013 for Elle. Hunger magazine published an editorial about mid-century erotic fashion that highlighted Charlie Pailles beauty.

Her Personal Goals

Charlie was always fascinated with making clothes for herself, even when she was very young. It should be no surprise that her modeling and designer sides meshed into one profession. She graduated from Collège LaSalle in Montréal in fashion design after her exposure working with the director for Calvin Klein for about a year. She said she took advantage of that opportunity and soaked in every step.

Currently, she has a studio in Greenwich Village where she designs and produces clothing for friends and has hopes of creating a complete collection someday soon. In more than one interview, Charlie made it clear that she will continue her modeling because she enjoys it, but her true passion is to design and create.


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