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Catherine McNeil

Catherine McNeil was born on March 20, 1989 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She had a young start in the modeling industry after entering a model search contest and winning. She was only fourteen at the time. In retrospect, she was not prepared for the pressures that accompany runway spotlights and extraordinary demands. It took about four years for her modeling to kick into gear, but in 2007 she was well on her way to victory.

The Undertakings

The year 2007 brought Catherine runway opportunities from some of the most famous and respected designers in the world. Her debut catwalk was in Millan for Missoni. Although (to name a few), Valentino, Versace, and Louis Vuitton chose her to model for them in 2007 and 2008 her total number of runways is not quite as impressive as some other models.

Editorials included nearly every popular magazine in France, Italy, Australia, Turkey and even Russia. And that’s the short list. With the broad exposure of runways and magazine covers come ad campaigns, and there were plenty of them. Donna Karan New York, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Beauty and Diesel are just a taste of the advertising spots she captured. Ready to wear appears to have been her bread and butter, but she was no stranger to Haute Couture either. She graced the walkways of London, Milan, France and New York.

Nearly Invisible

In 2009, Catherine was the model everyone wanted and loved. She was the darling of the runway. So when she was a no show at Milan, it raised a few eyebrows, when she skipped Paris, it caused great concern, and the rumors flew. She was missing in action for over two years, and the allegations of self-abuse were rampant. She had just gone through a difficult breakup with her then fiancé and was under enormous pressure. When she returned she stated, she realized she needed to take the time to re-examine herself and her future. She said she spent a great deal of time in London just chilling out.

The magazine editorials continued throughout her absence from the runway, so she was not forgotten. She wasn't sure they would welcome her back, but they did and with open arms.

Lanca Perfume was one of her first comeback debuts in 2011, then diesel in 2012. By the year, 2013 came around she had been booked for seven runways and would do thirteen by the year 2015. Clearly the world cannot get enough of Catherine McNeil.

What could have been?

If things had gone the way Catherine wanted when she was young we might have missed the soft-spoken beauty altogether. She had aspirations of being a motorcycle mechanic and applied for a job as an apprentice, which was turned down because of her looks. A decision the mechanic no doubt regrets now. Catherine states she still enjoys working on cars when she can. She also has a great attraction for piercings and tattoos. No one except Catherine knows how many of each she actually has, but it's enough that her agency has asked her to stop getting them.


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