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Cate Underwood

Cate Underwood is a very busy woman being a model, photographer and DJ. She started out as a photographer and has even taken images of herself for editorials and advertising. She is a Kiev native who was marketed for wearing black. She has been called a 'well-dressed vagabond' with full lips and stunning cheekbones. Only 25, she has certainly been a much sought after model with photography and modeling shots in Vogue Ukraine. She was also profiled by Vogue Italia.

Most of her time in more recent years has been spent in New York City where she has made a name for herself on the runway, with her photography art, and DJ work. DJing is more of a hobby for her, but still a passion. She first started as a DJ in Ukraine, but also played for Vogue's Fashion Night out in Milan.

Cate has shot for several different brands, mostly in Ukraine including her cover shot for L'Officiel Ukraine. She also won an award for Fashion Forward through Harper Bazaar. According to an interview her first cover was at 19 and she was 21 when she appeared on the cover of L'Officiel for her second time.

As part of her photography work, Cate Underwood covered New York Fashion Week for V. She did a photo diary where she appeared on the cover. She said it was more fun than a job since it was showing Fashion Week through her eyes.

In a 2013 interview she stated she has no idea where she will be in five years, but she knows she will not stop with her career in the modeling industry whether it is taking more photos or being on runways. She enjoys the work and knows she does not want to stop.

Personal Details

  • Nationality: Ukrainian


Cate Underwood has signed with several agencies, but her mother agency is Star System in Paris. Other agencies include New York Model Management, IMG (Paris, Milano, and London), Uno Models Barcelona, Iconic Management Hamburg, and Joy Model Management Sao Paulo.

Work History by Year

Cate Underwood is typically in advertisements and editorials; however, she does other modeling work too.


Cate Underwood appeared in Vagabond fall/winter 2014 for various campaigns, with photographs by Joan Braun. She was also in Mauro Grifoni fall/winter 2014 and H&M Love Music Campaign spring 2014 with photographs by Sharif Hamza.

In 2013 she was in the All Saints spring advertisement with photographs by Roger Rich. A year before she appeared in fall/winter 12 campaign.


Her editorial work has included photos by Francesco Carrozzini in It's All About Women, Vogue Italia's editorial. Also in 2014 she was in Ukrainian Designers Harper's Bazaar editorial, Dear Denim Elle Italia, and Travel Notes Elle Italia.

Her 2013 editorials include Cate in, Mutual Support for by JD Forte, and School I.D. Veoir magazine.

In 2012 she was photographed for Not Just a Label Shot by Annabelle Byrne for Volt Magazine and Dressed to Kill for V Magazine.


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